Contact Us

Contact Us

We have 2 UNISON branch offices one situated at at Darlington Memorial Hospital and one at University Hospital of North Durham.  Our Branch Secretary is Ronnie Nicholson who is based at DMH.  If you have a work problem or query, and need to speak to UNISON, then there are several options.

  • E-Mail
  • Ronnie Nicholson or speak to one of our Branch Support Workers
    Steph Edwardson, based at our office at DMH, on 
  • Please call one of our UNISON Branch Offices on the numbers below
  • Contact one of the stewards listed below at your workplace
  • You can ring UNISON Direct on 0845 355 0845 (lines are open 6am - midnight Monday to Friday and 9am - 4pm Saturdays)

If you have a query, please contact either of our branch offices at the following locations 

UNISON Branch Office                                                  UNISON Branch Office  
Darlington Memorial Hospital                                        Porta Cabin
Hollyhurst Road                                                          University Hospital of North Durham 
Darlington                                                                  North Road
DL3 6HX                                                                     Durham       
Email: County Durham Health Branch is run by an elected branch committee and supported by skilled staff, locally, regionally and nationally.

    Branch Chair: Sandra White (UHND)
    Branch Secretary: Ronnie Nicholson (DMH)
    Branch Health & Safety Officers: Diane Garrett (UHND), Ruth Ward (DMH), div>
    Branch Education Officer: Sandra White (UHND)
    Branch Equality Co-ordinators: Ronnie Nicholson (DMH)
    Branch Welfare Officers: Sue Inglis (DMH)
    Branch Treasurer: Mike Smith (UHND)
    ISS Mediclean Convenor: Colin Heads (BAGH)  Stewards are: David Brown and Tracy Bell

All members of County Durham Health Care Branch can attend branch meetings, vote and stand in branch elections. 

We are always looking for people who feel they can contribute to the branch and to helping other members. This could be a regular commitment or just the occasional hour or so. We provide excellent training courses and support for our reps and officers. Contact the Union Offices on the numbers above if you would like to find out more.